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Monday, August 25, 2008


Connie Paxman

Well your Card is fabulous, such detail in your embellishing..Great job on explaining how you created this piece.
Hope you get a job..You should come to the Prairies..lots of jobs where I live. We are so short of people to work.
Connie Paxman


This is a beautiful card. I hope you find a job soon.

Deanne Burton

LOVE your card!!! I love House Mouse stamps, but I own none :o(

Are you having a great week weather-wise? We are here in Central! Finally, some good weather that we've been waiting for all August!!!


Gorgeous card, I love the vellum and glitter effects, they are really nice extras! xx

Cathy B.

What a beautifully done darling card! HM are some of my favorite little critters.

I remember years ago, I left the "traditional" work force of working for a world-wide retailer as a department-head auditing and payroll assistant-supervisor and opened my own shop for dog grooming and pet supply sales. I worked that way for 11 years.

Divorce forced the closing of my business and I found myself re-locating and needing to find an office position that would provide me with health insurance.

I finally found a position, but it did take some time and my boss later told me he really had reservations about hiring me, since I had been out of the "traditional" work force for so many years!

It seems 11 years of running my own business did not seem to count much in the greater scheme of things!!! Hang in there, and don't let yourself get too discouraged, something good will come along...

I just said a prayer for you for your job search. I will keep you in my thoughts.

Best wishes,



You're blog is wonderful! I'm going to link and visit often!


Beautiful card! I hope you find the perfect job soon.


Gorgeous card, Suzy; thanks for sharing! I'm always amazed by your talent and creativity!

Best of luck with your job search. Don't be afraid to follow up your initial application with a follow-up letter/e-mail to those jobs you really want; I've heard that can make a difference. I know what it's like to 'pound the pavement' looking for employment...good vibes to you!

Lori Barnett

SUPER CUTE!! I love this card Suzy!! Aren't these HM challenges so fun?!! Hey...did you order Elzy's yet? I STILL am trying to shave down my list! I need to just dive in and order...but I'm having such a hard time taking stuff "off" my list!! aack!


Hey Suzy~~Keep your chin up about the job situation, I'm sure someone will realize your talents and hire you VERY soon. :) And don't take it "personal", unfortunately the entire World's economey reflects the lack of jobs. But I will keep my fingers and toes crossed for you!!!!
I love this "House Mouse" image ~~ esp. the one with his mouth open having a drink :0) Your vellum umbrellas are wonderful!!

Mary G

WOW, another GREAT card! I love all the detail... it looks like you put a LOT of time into it. Awesome job! :)

Miss M!

I love all the detail in this - embossing the dots on the background and the white bow on pink velvet were a nice touch.

Jennifer Hodge

What a great idea to use the doily lace punch! The card is super cute!


Beautiful card ;)

tracy watkiss

I love that image was one of the first I bought, you have nade a beautiful card once again.



Another GORGEOUS card!!! I love your tip about the vellum...gonna give that one a try.

We also had your apple pie oatmeal for breakfast today; and as I said last night, a great big thank you is being sent from my boys. We all loved it!!!

I wish you well on your employment endeavours. You are definitely in my prayers!!

Have a fantabulous day!!!


What a beautiful card Suzy. It must be all that Newfoundland air :)

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