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    And you’ve only begun to shine
    Anna Nalick, Shine

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008



Your card is AMAZING!!! I love the retro feel to it, especially with the way you did her hair. I can almost hear the big band music streaming through the air:o) BEAUTIFUL!!!

Now to tell you what we use as a tree topper...we use an antique angel. I remember picking it out with my father when I was a very little girl. When my father passed away, my mother gave it to me to use. It is one of my most prized possessions:o)

Cindy E.

We had an angel tree-topper for many years, but recently switched to a star. I love your angel card, very pretty!

Pauline C

Hi there
We top our tree with a glittery gold foil star .. very gaudy and it always wants to fall over, but never get round to buying a new one .. maybe this year?
Your card is totally fab
Pauline x


We top our main tree with a filgree wire star, and the girls top their little tree with a fairy that we make each year, the old one gets put away safe so we can embarrass them when they are in their teens LOL!! Last years was made using a washing up bottle as the body!
Cathy xx
Thanks for a chance to win that gorgeuos stamp.


We always use a big star in our x-mas tree!



I used to put a little angel up that was on my mums tree when she was little but she is quite old and in need of some repair so she has had to retire to a safe warm place till my eldest has her own place and tree to pass her down too :)
So for now my youngest has made a replacement angel for us to use.
Thanks for the chance to win your cards n blog are fab.


Love the angel card. Those Copics are a vision to behold on the finished card. I'm in awe with each new one.
We have a star on top of our tree, just like my in-laws did(family tradition).
I am excited to see the vast variety of cards at this time of year.Thanks for sharing!


Th angels are beautiful, definitely not overboard. We either put a big star or an angel on the top of our tree. I have several angels & stars because I usually do a theme tree; i.e. patriotic, teddy bear, angel, cats, purple/silver, & so on. I love this stamp.


Hi, The card is stunning and what a beautiful angel i would love to win this stamp thank you for the chance :)
We have an angel on our tree with a silvery white dress and sparkly silver wings same one every year and she looks as good now as the first time we put her up (a long time ago, she never ages lol)
Val xx
Ps have put a link on my blog.

Tracey Vincent

Hi Suzy gorgeous stamp & beautiful card you've made with it :o)

On top of our tree we have an angel with a gold & burgundy coloured gown on.

I've linked you to my blog (on the right hand side).



Fab sparkly Melinda card. When I was young my Mum used to make a new dress each year for the angel that topped our christmas tree. I'm ashamed to say that I haven't carried this tradition on - as yet. Although the angel that tops my current christmas tree could do with a new outfit this year, so who knows? I may just make one.

Linda Deline

I love Wiff of Joy stamps, and this is such a pretty angel. We top our tree with an Angel as well, but she wears a blue dress and holds a "lit" candle. Great card!!


Gorgeous card! Thanks for a chance to win. I put a star on top of my tree.
Have a great day


WOW, that's a sparkling Christmas card! Love it!We don't have a Christmas tree but when I was a child my mum always decorated it with a traditional, big, shining star on top of it.


A gorgeous stamp! i would love to win her. we have a Christmas angel on our tree...all white with shimmering gold wings and a little gold halo.

Sue x


Wow, thanks for this lovely chance. We love putting tha traditional star on our tree! Thanks again. lovely blog

patricia R

Wow your card is amazing. You are soooo clever. Afraid for me I am a traditionlist and have a good old fairy on top of our tree.

Cheri Higdon

Your card is breathtaking. I love all of the glitter. We have an angel on the top of our tree.

Krista Prill

I use an Angel to top off my tree. It has been handed down 3 generations. I just love it. I have put a link on my blog for your candy. Thanks for the chance to win. Krista


Beautiful Card, would LOVE to win this stamp thanks for the chance to win it.
I top my tree with an angel or sometimes a star
There is a link to your candy on my blog.
Lauren xx


Our family tree is topped with an angel, the same one for as long as I can remember.


This is the most beautiful card I've seen!

My Christmas tree always has an angel..



Suzy this card is AMAZING! WOW it's beautiful!!!! Since my hubby and I live in a super small apartment we only have a table top fiber optic tree so on the top of our tiny tree is a beautiful bow that my sister-in-law put together for us! Thanks for the wonderful opportunity to win a WOJ stamp! I would love to win!
Hugs~ Kim


She is so pretty. It depends on our mood when we decorate our tree some years it's a little stitched angel I made and others it's a star

Lynda Hidalgo

Stunning lil lady, just love all the detail. We top our tree with a beautiful angel and like to think that it's my mom watching down over us . Ty for sharing.


OMG, this card is superb, stunning, gorgeous!!!

Heather Fullerton (Retired Heather)

We have 4 trees we decorate and each has angel on top. My children are all adopted so we have an angel representing each, anglo-saton and Acadian. Great fun. Your card was certainly sparkley Bet it is beautiful in real life.


Hi! This is a very beuaitufl card! I top my tree with a big gold star

Toni K

Gorgeous card! When you do it, it looks perfect. If I did it, it would look very overdone! I love your attention to detail.
On the top of our tree we put a very country looking stuffed star with buttons on it. Very country looking.

Alison Snow

Another awesome job Suzy! At the top of my Christmas tree sits an angel that this one reminds me a lot of!

Thanks for sharing!



Absolutely gorgeous!! Your coloring is awesome!


Lovely card - we have an angel on the top of our tree.


We top our tree with a simple red long tree ornament, like a bauble with a long point - in Slovenian language this long point (or rather any point) is called spica, pronounced shpitza. (I suspect that it is a Slovenian descendent that sells spica and copic markers, because copic means brush :)
Bye, Kitty


Beautiful card Suzy ;)

I like the bling bling :D

X Janneke


I top my tree with a crochet angel. It is ever so beautiful.


Your card is gorgeous!! We have an Angel on top of our tree. The first few years I was married we had a star but about 10 years ago I switched to an Angel. I love Angels so it's the perfect tree topper!

Cathy Galloway

Your card is gorgeous! I top my tree with a lighted ornament.


How beautiful is that Angel and your card! We top our X-Mas tree with a Santa all decked out in white.


THis stamp is beautiful and your card is so swee. I would love to win it!

My tree is now adorned with a gold star that lights up.


Amazing card! Love your beautiful coloring! You bring a magic with your crafting!
Our tree has an Angel on the top! But when I lived in Russia we had a Star!

Sandy Meyers

Your angel is shaded so beautifully! My tree has been topped with a porclein angel holding two lit candles in her hands for many years now.


Ohh she's so pretty! Yes I would LOVE this stamp! LOL!
We top our tree with a red wooden bead star, but someday I want a nice light star. ;) I do put angels up towards the top but mine are all small angels.


WOW....Suzy, this is soooo gorgeous!!! I am so glad I am stalking your blog...hehehe


What a great and sparkling card!
We don't put anything on the top of the tree because....we don't have a tree! With our animals it is not an good plan to have a tree in the livingroom ;)
So we decorate a tree in the garden with many tiny lights.

Linda van Vliet

This card is absolutely wonderful. I love glitter... did I mention I love glitter? LOL!
We top our christmas tree with a beautiful shiny peak. It has glittery spots and really tops things off :) The kids love it when we find it in the ornaments box, because that means we are almost done.

Lisa Butler

I loveyour card! BLING all over the place! We use an Angel that looks very similar to this one! My husband bought it for me on our 1st Christmas and although she no longer blinks (her lights quit working) I will never use anything else she is too sentimental and pretty. Lisa


Beautiful card. Love the image. We place a star on top of ours but I might go for an angel this year.

Janice Hopper

Wow. All the detail in this card is amazing! This is my first first and I love your notes on copics-just starting my collection. We have a Christmas Angel-quite similar to this one actually- she is adorned in white & gold.


This card really is over the impressive! It must have taken a long time. Your shading is gorgeous. I have an angel on my tree, holding a garland of pink roses. My sons won't allow anything else on top!

Beth Norman

Oh my goodness gee willikers--this rocks!!!!!!!!!!!

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