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Thursday, January 08, 2009


Kim Budash


As an avid follower of your blog and all things "Suzy" I LOVE LOVE LOVE to see pictures of your two dogs, it just makes me so happy to know other people out there love their animals as much as I do. Maybe more pictures of your dogs in the future???? Would LOVE it. Thanks for listening, keep up the GREAT work.

Kim Budash


The dinner rolls look so good!

karen adams

how can you not love a face like that????????????????????????!hes so cute,bet he gets away wit whaterever he wants!LOL!

karen adams

Cheryl L Rowley

Your dog is cute, cute, cute! Your rolls look delicious! I can just smell them through the computer!
Love your blog and often try to comment, but typepad doesn't like me very much!
I keep trying and think I got lucky today!

Vickie Doswell

I don't know which is more awesome the dog or the rolls! I am going to try using my bread machine to make up the dough tomorrow. Thanks for sharing with us!


Wow...what a great post! An adorable dog and something wonderful to eat...thank you!


What a cute little stamping buddy you have!

I think I feel my thighs getting bigger just looking at those beautiful rolls!


Good grief those dinner rolls look yummish...and your dog is just plain adorable!


I have been following your blog for sometime now Suzy. Your cards are beautiful and your recipes are very yummy! As soon as I lose a few of last years pounds, I'm going to attempt to make these dinner rolls. The recipe sounds great and the picture is making my mouth water.


Wow, those dinner rolls look fabulous, and since I've not eaten yet I can actually smell them. Your dog is adorable and I'm sure if he did eat your card it would be O.K. I also love your card from Sweet n' Sassy. That is too cute! I'm off to eat!


Thanks for the recipe. They look delicious. I'll have to come back and save the recipe.

Lori Pena

With a dog that cute, I'd let him eat whatever he wanted!!! Can't wait to try the rolls...thanks!

Sandy D

Oh yum! my mouth is watering just looking at them. I am so --- a bread person! Bad weakness to have but yum, yum, yum!

I use bread flour all the time - never buy regular flour because there is such a difference in breads and cookies!

Your dog is adorable! How could you resist him! He wants your attention instead of you stamping away! He's CUTE!


OMG - I gained 5 lbs just looking at the picture. They sure look yummy!!

Bella Rose Creations

LOL...I have actually made these rolls and they WERE I will try the Bread Flour...THANKS!!!

I also like the Buttery Pan Rolls (can be made with Regular Flour) and I even let rise overnight in fridge. I almost always use my bread maker (I'm lazy)...and they still come out.


He is sooo cute!!! What kind of dog is he?
The buns look yummy!!!

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