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Thursday, April 23, 2009



I love your blog! Just perusing through :)
I love finding new and fun ways to organize my craft area!
My friend recommended for craft storage and they have excellent furniture. It's a great option for anyone who doesn't have a ton of space for a craft room :)

Now-- back to reading more of your posts haha :)


Hi Suzy ~ Thank you SO much for your article and personal review on the "Ribbon Ring". I am always looking for neat and compact ways to store my forever-expanding stamp room; every little bit helps.

After reading your article in "Craft Critique", and a few of the other comments, I added it to my "MUST HAVE" shopping list and purchased one over the weekend.

Now can you come and thread all my ribbon for me? lol :)


Hi Suzy,
I've been using ribbon rings for just short of a year. I was complaining on my blog about having to keep using my hair straighteners to 'iron' out my ribbon and Melissa at Ribbon Ring sent me a sample, I immediately bought some and can vouch for their effectiveness - I wouldn't be without them. Have to admit - mine don't look as tidy as the ones in the photograph (lol).
hugs Heather xx


That's what I get for not having time for blog hopping! I actually made a paper bag mini scrapbook and taught it to my Girl Scout Troop and their mother's this week. I even used "green" scrapbook paper. Hope to post in on my blog in the next few days anyway! Love the work you have been doing lately! I miss keeping up with my favorite bloggers!

Verda Gagnon

I wasn't sure if you wanted us to comment here or over on Craftcritique so I will post both places.

Thanks for giving us your opinion on this storage system. I have seen it around lately and wondered how effective it is. I buy most ribbon by the spool and store it in a ribbon keeper I purchased. This product would be great for all my odd pieces that get wound around a piece of cardboard similar to the tag in this product and stored in a jar.


Awesome tutorial Suzy. Your pictures really made me understand how it all works. I just ordered my set. :)


Hi Suzy
because I have limited storage for my crafts I purchased some square plastic baskets from a local hardward store and the have about 40 round holes on each side so I thread my ribbons through that pink one side, blue the other etch and i place a shower cap over the top to stop things tumbling out the top. I just pull and it all comes through I love it and it works for me.
Tracy x

Lisa T

Most of my ribbon is stored in stacking ribbon storage boxes from Michaels. The unspooled ribbon is kept on a homemade version of your ribbon rings. I wrote an article about ribbon storage on my blog here:

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