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Monday, August 10, 2009



Oh what lovely pics!

Colleen Olsen(Trent)

Hi there I was just going through your blog about your summer vacation. I grew up in Rosetown and know your Aunt Colleen and Uncle Bill. Do they have a swimming pool in their, I used to go swimming there. Small world.


Congrats on making the cover. Wow! That is terrific.


Hi Suzy :0) I have so missed all of your postings and photos, not to mention your delicious home recipes.

Hopefully, you're settling into your new home and with any luck, we'll be spoiled again soon with your beautiful creations.

Congratulations on your cover shot publication ~ WOW ~ better get a few extra dozen copies [*wink*] and have them all framed throughout the new house!!!


Congrats not only on your creation being published but also having your beautiful worth on the front page

Marlayne Hardy

Congratulations on being published - and on the cover!!! Wow! Wonderful news :)

Denise @ Paper Gems

Great photo of your kitty! One of the "best" I've ever viewed! Cool that you have the "cover" for the card magazine! I'll check out my Hobby Lobby to see your card! are welcome to come and visit my blog too! Denise

Jennifer Scull

just wanted you to know that I have left a little award for all of my former Angel's Landing DT friends on my blog!

Can you please add the blog for
Cropping for our Troops on your blog? I can't wait to see what you are sending for the silent auction.

Jennifer Scull

what gorgeous photos! but I think my fave is the close up of your kitty! :)

congrats on not only getting published, but making the cover!!!! how cool is that?!?!! I am thrilled for you!


oh my goodness, love the photos! Canada looks gorgeous and how adorable is your kitty! :D thanks for sharing :D


Congrats on being published. I actually managed to get published too earlier this year. Never thought I would, lol. Looking forward to your creations again.


Welcome back Suzy!

Great pics love that secound one ;)

Hugs, Janneke

Sharon Caudle

Welcome back, Suzy!!! I've missed you and your fabulous creations. What GORGEOUS pics!! Oh my gosh...makes me wish I had been with you! LOL! A HUGE congrats on being a cover girl! That's so exciting! I'm doing the happy dance for you! Hope you're doing well. Have a wonderful weekend. :) hugs!

Deedee Anderson

Gorgeous pics, Suzy! Congrats on your magazine cover -- I stopped at the store just to see it in person -- it's gorgeous! I look forward to when things are settled and you are posting your creations again.

Chris Dickinson

Welcome back Suzy! Your kitten is adorable, your pictures beautiful - What a summer! Thank you for sharing it with us! (((HUGS)))

Lisa Butler

WELCOME BACK! I have missed you! Angus is do the dogs like him? CONGRATULATIONS! Awesome cover card! Glad to see you back! Hugs! Lisa


Beautiful pictures. What a busy summer! THat kitten is toooo darn adorable. I just want to reach out and squeeze that precious little playful guy! :) Hurry up and unpack cuz we cant wait to see more of your fab designs, especially on House Mouse. Also very proud of you for your MAG cover publishing! WOW!! Thats awesome! You go GF!!!

Cabio Tse

Congratulations Suzy, as matter of fact, I just bought the magazine yesterday. I look forward seeing more of your work when you have more free time!


I love the card that was published on the cover of Card Makers Magazine! These are my colors. Your trip took you to some beautiful country. Alan's family appears to be very nice and lots of fun. Hope to see some new cards soon! Love, Aunt Mimi

Janice Hopper

Yeah you're back!! Awesome photos. Congratulations on your 1st publication and a cover at that! Gives me great incentive.


I hope you enjoyed your stay here in Alberta! ( I was born and raised here and absolutely LOVE it!) And congratulations on making the cover for your very first publishing! Thats amazing!!!

Dell Richards

Thanks for the updates on all your exciting news. Congrats on your cover page! I can't wait to see your new and inspiring works again.


You've been missed! Glad you enjoyed your visits, and that you are now in the process of settling into your new home. Best of luck with that ~ rememeber, it doesn't all need to get done at once. So take a break when you need it, relax, and stamp or cook...Welcome back!


so glad to see you blogging again Suzy! Looks like you've had a busy summer. Hope things settle for you soon! Way to go on making Cardmaker's cover!!!! :)


Missed your great newsy letters.


Jeanette Smith

I can't believe that's your first time being published!!! Your work is so unique, I mean really what are the mags looking for?? Anyhow, congrats-and a cover photo at that!

Still wish you were at the Carousel too....

Jeanette Smith


Suzy it's great to see you back -- I was just thinking today that I hadn't read a post from you in ... well it seems like forever! Congrats on the publication! I have to tease you by saying that I HAVE my copy!

Looking forward to seeing more of your awesome creations!

Judi M

Gorgeous photos, Suzy. Good to have you back and posting again. Congrats on the magazine cover -- that's awesome. :D


Sounds like an interesting summer, new furbaby, how is she getting along with your dogs?
Congrats on the cover of cardmaker, very cool!


Wow! Some beautiful and amazing pictures. Your kitten is adorable and I'm sure he's already got you wrapped around his paws! How exciting to about Cardmaker!!!! I'm sure you are worn out from all the work on the house! Can't wait til you are settled really well and back to stamping up a storm!



Hey Suzy, so good to hear all about your adventures this summer. We have certainly missed your posts but I am so glad that you have had a wonderful time playing. Those pictures are lovely. I can't even imagine being able to see all of that. I love streams, mountains, and wild life. What a cute little kitten. That was so sweet of you to adopt him. A BIG Congratulations on being on the cover of CardMaker. I am not surprised at all as your work is so wonderful. I hope to see more of your cards gracing the mags soon. So glad you are "back". Talk to you soon,
xoxo, Christine


Glad you have had some interesting adventures. Can't wait to see more photos.We have been waiting for you in Blogland!
Hugs from Michigan

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